Whether it rains or shines today, the 122nd Boston Marathon is today. First and foremost, this is a yearly event that people train for all year.

Boston Marathon

In the first place, this event attracts runners from all over the world. Consequently, this event is unlike any other marathon. In fact, you need a qualifying time from another marathon in order to participate. At the same time, that date has to be within a range on a verified type of course.

So today’s race will kick off in Hopkinton, Massachusetts at 8:40 a.m. If you’re a fan cheering for a runner, you may want to find out the time their start wave begins.¬†Hence, the race begins with those who are mobility impaired. In addition, the times for the race are as follows:

  • 8:40 a.m. Mobility Impaired
  • 9:02 a.m. Men’s Push Rim Wheelchair
  • 9:04 a.m. Women’s Push Rim Wheelchair
  • 9:25 a.m. Handcycles and Duos
  • At 9:32 a.m. Elite Women
  • 10:00 a.m. Elite Men and Wave One
  • Wave Two at 10:25 a.m.
  • 10:50 a.m. Wave Three
  • 11:15 a.m. Wave Four

Boston Marathon Course

Indeed, the Boston Marathon is well known for its course. The course begins on Main Street in Hopkinton and goes through Ashland, Framingham, Natick and Wellesley where route 16 meets route 135. From there, the race continues through the Newton Falls before bearing right onto Chestnut Hill Avenue into Cleveland Circle. At this point, the route takes you to Beacon Street. Ultimately, you will pass the well known Coolidge Corner area in Brookline.

Finally, you’re on your last leg of the course. In essence, once you have reached Kenmore Square, you will have approximately one mile to go. As the route turns onto Commonwealth Avenue, you turn right at Hereford Street before turning left onto Bolyston Street. Consequently, the finish line is at the John Hancock Tower of Copley Square.

Boston Strong

When the bombing on April 15, 2013 took place near the finishing point, Boston and the entire nation persevered to come together. Since many individuals suffered the horrific aftermath of this tragedy; we all look at things differently today.

Of course, Boston Strong is known throughout the world. In support of the city of Boston, treat yourself or someone to the T-shirt below. Furthermore, this style comes in unisex sizes and is ideal for Men, Women and children.

Patriots Day Boston Marathon 2018

With lives lost, broken bones and lost limbs, many individuals have gone on to do amazing things. For anyone who suffered from this tragedy five years ago, your story of courage is an inspiration today. In conclusion, if you or anyone you know have stories to share about your Boston Marathon experience; I would love to hear your story.

As always, I welcome your comments.